Precise Bugs

Bugs tagged rls-p-tracking

Bug NumberSummarySourceImportanceStatusUsers affectedDuplicatesHeatAssignee

Bugs Targeted to Precise

Bug NumberSummarySourceImportanceStatusUsers affectedDuplicatesHeatAssignee
 941673performance of accounts-daemon is very pooraccountsservice HighIn Progress7044Ritesh Khadgaray
 862483Unable to read mail after resume due to akonadi hangakonadi UndecidedConfirmed4022None
 927459[ENS1371 - Ensoniq AudioPCI, playback] Sound volume set to 0 when booting from install CDalsa-driver HighConfirmed6032None
 805940Patch to alsa-plugins causes regression in java applet (webex)alsa-plugins UndecidedConfirmed10068None
 1085392Merge Chromebook UCM profiles into ALSA packagesalsa-utils HighFix Committed6036None
 1126633Please mark alsa-utils Multi-Arch: foreignalsa-utils LowFix Committed2020None
 993400apport asked me to restart an application that had already restartedapport HighTriaged3016None
 1020994Ensure whoopsie sends complete crash files to the error trackerapport HighTriaged108None
 834895ubuntu-bug and package install failures should be disabled when a release reaches EOLapport MediumTriaged1012None
 994921'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/app.crash' (and even more so, 'apport-cli -c /var/crash/app.crash') should still allow manual bug filing in stable releasesapport MediumTriaged4419370Evan Dandrea
 1070400Include the date that Ubuntu was installed with apport reportsapport MediumTriaged1010None
 997359nih uses eglibc private symbol __abort_msgapport UndecidedNew2012None
 1020503Support package hooks in /optapport UndecidedTriaged2010None
 1033932Error alerts appear on login for problems in previous sessionapport UndecidedTriaged3016None
 1089778StacktraceAddressSignature is missing on many ARM reportsapport UndecidedTriaged106None
 857299banshee window remain white on startup on armelbanshee HighTriaged3022None
 990584Caught an exception - System.MissingMethodException: Default constructor not found for type Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1.ContentDirectory1.ClassReference. (in `mscorlib')banshee UndecidedIn Progress4234None
 519935unable to eject cd-rom after burning diskbrasero UndecidedConfirmed1124552None
 1006263evince prints formulas incorrectcairo HighTriaged106None
 682338GTK programs in Ubuntu 10.10 are sluggish over NXcairo LowTriaged7046None
 1107949printed PDF document (via evince) misses characters/ligaturescairo LowTriaged106None
 1092118Tweet shows "&" instead of "&"choqok LowTriaged106Harald Sitter
 1045986Ubuntu AppArmor policy is too lenient with shell scriptschromium-browser UndecidedConfirmed50294None
 989921package colord 0.1.16-2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1colord CriticalTriaged2642454Chris Halse Rogers
 827934colord crashed with SIGABRT in raise()colord MediumConfirmed242721582Chris Halse Rogers
 902535Unable to print with Lexmark S400 series since upgrade to 11.10cups HighIncomplete7258None
 959676cups will not print to USB connected Samsung ML-4500 (with USB -> Parallel adapter)cups HighIncomplete5030None
 995111Print failure since upgrade to 12.04cups HighTriaged7042None
 1108719usb crashed with SIGSEGV in opendir() -- USB ports are in BIOS disabled --> cupsd crashes every timecups HighIn Progress108None
 986452cups is not compiled with bind-now hardening optioncups UndecidedTriaged108None
 1045986Ubuntu AppArmor policy is too lenient with shell scriptscups UndecidedConfirmed50294None
 1059633Emacs 'Ediff' Window Shrinks Horizontally To One Column Wideemacs23 MediumIn Progress15076None
 938751jpeg images are washed out or colors are skewed eog LowConfirmed282146None
 594426filling a PDF form that is rotated 90 degrees yields sideways lettersevince LowTriaged106None
 981248Activate smooth scrolling in Evince [SRU]evince WishlistIncomplete19092None
 957341[imap] moving a folder results in its deletionevolution HighConfirmed12064None
 878460evolution can't create directories on imap (not imapx) accountsevolution MediumTriaged7144None
 772873Vino does not work with compositingfglrx-installer HighTriaged731402None
 813809Hybrid Graphics with Intel+fglrx is not supportedfglrx-installer MediumTriaged454262Chris Halse Rogers
 1055380[fglrx] Fullscreen OpenGL windows stay on top even when they shouldn'tfglrx-installer MediumTriaged4020None
 1075937Add support for Linux 3.7 to various DKMS binary driversfglrx-installer UndecidedNew1014Alberto Milone
 723841file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in egg_tree_multi_drag_button_release_event()file-roller HighTriaged527238None
 867424Oneric: On boot up Firefox always displays the “Well, This Is Embarrassing” screen.firefox HighTriaged133106Chris Coulson
 902147opening apt: links gives (ugly) dialog box instead of opening the software-centerfirefox MediumTriaged108Chris Coulson
 548866forgets middlemouse.contentLoadURL on upgrade or browser restartfirefox LowTriaged355222None
 885836firefox-kde-support breaks right click > save image as...firefox UndecidedTriaged5132None
 1014635Import Wizard has to be cancelledfirefox UndecidedNew106None
 1045986Ubuntu AppArmor policy is too lenient with shell scriptsfirefox UndecidedConfirmed50294None
 860020GDM crashes if auto login is enabled (Oneiric)gdm MediumConfirmed19096None
 805154gdm-simple-slave crashed with SIGSEGV in _nss_compat_getpwnam_r()gdm LowTriaged10330688None
 982889X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm drivergdm UndecidedNew3276748None
 1027584Quicklist action for creating new document is incorrectgedit LowIncomplete4128None
 1042111gs can't render some fonts. Example was created with 10.04ghostscript MediumTriaged106None
 452049Gnome Places contains filesystems mounted via bindglib2.0 LowTriaged5026None
 901171Saved search file opens in firefox instead of nautilusglib2.0 LowFix Committed2014None
 984785.goutputstream files polluting $HOMEglib2.0 LowTriaged37911690None
 1154657Update to 2.34.4glib2.0 UndecidedFix Committed1010None
 986547[soundnua] can't change the output to 5.1gnome-control-center HighTriaged108None
 879528Display utility doesn't offer to use nvidia-settings with proprietary drivers installed?gnome-control-center MediumTriaged8038Canonical Desktop Team
 816669encrypted-home support in new user dialoggnome-control-center LowTriaged154114None
 863425Running system-settings again sometimes does not bring existing window to foregroundgnome-control-center LowTriaged3124None
 876897Changing Default Application for Music/Video/Photos has no effect on some registered typesgnome-control-center LowTriaged235156None
 907452Shouldn't let you desactivate the only admin usergnome-control-center LowConfirmed1226None
 928553Non-default wallpapers are not readable by Unity-Greetergnome-control-center LowTriaged4812330None
 965921gnome-shell most keyboard shortcuts not workinggnome-control-center LowTriaged1084532None
 968268Cannot permanently add wallpaper to 'Pictures Folder'gnome-control-center LowConfirmed185132Ryan Lortie
 1025508Some keys in keyboard layout show duplicate character labelsgnome-control-center UndecidedNew1010None
 1050063gnome-sudoku ERROR:root:Could not find any typelib for LaunchpadIntegrationgnome-games LowTriaged3126None
 859600Please convert gnome-keyring to multiarchgnome-keyring HighIn Progress562358Adam Stokes
 1094496gnome-keyring-daemon leaks memorygnome-keyring HighFix Committed2020None
 952771Gnome Screensaver should handle expired password tokensgnome-screensaver LowTriaged2016None
 49579screen doesn't lock when some menu is opengnome-screensaver UndecidedConfirmed4648888None
 873545gnome-settings-daemon segfaults in send_selection_notify() (incorrect clipboard handling)gnome-settings-daemon HighTriaged365246None
 959592Multi monitor mirrored instead of using primary/selected monitorgnome-settings-daemon HighConfirmed9264None
 914348Touchpad LED on Dell's laptop is not workinggnome-settings-daemon MediumConfirmed2124AceLan Kao
 881376"Low disk space" warning popping up repeatedly.gnome-settings-daemon LowTriaged232122None
 924612gnome-settings-daemon SIGABRT when gnome-session goes downgnome-settings-daemon LowConfirmed5351618None
 842768Cups notifies "printer ' xxx ' may be not connected " although printer is OK and printing is OK toognome-settings-daemon UndecidedNew6028None
 922968shouldn't queue a second suspend if the machine is already suspendinggnome-settings-daemon UndecidedConfirmed3026Ryan Lortie
 971353 power : gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in gnome_rr_screen_get_dpms_mode gnome-settings-daemon UndecidedConfirmed2818290None
 1028518Fn keys such as brightness and volume stopped working after updategnome-settings-daemon UndecidedConfirmed2012None
 856988totem cannot play quicktime file after upgrade to oneiricgstreamer0.10 HighConfirmed413214None
 998156GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x"gtk+2.0 HighTriaged243164None
 958382different softwares hit abort() in gtkfilechooser codegtk+3.0 HighTriaged320180None
 973491nautilus popup menu highlighting using copy and paste incorrect (items displayed unactive when they are not)gtk+3.0 HighTriaged4719376None
 998156GTK Print dialog sends broken custom page size attribute: "PageSize=Custom.Custom.x"gtk+3.0 HighIn Progress243164None
 1021153Thumbnails sidepane cannot be shrunk once it has been enlargedgtk+3.0 HighConfirmed3018None
 1037469GTK 3.4.2 crashes in GtkEntry gtk_entry_get_icon_pixbuf()gtk+3.0 HighTriaged106None
 840942set_size_request is ignored [update-manager details is one line]gtk+3.0 MediumConfirmed108126None
 841409GEdit is the only choice as Calendar application in Default Applications dialoggtk+3.0 LowTriaged465248None
 896740With appmenus context-menu shortcut options in nautilus do not work properly. E.g. I need to press R twice to select Rename and then hit Return to select it.gtk+3.0 LowConfirmed3122None
 986186software center stop working when I select system software for a long timegtk+3.0 LowTriaged3018None
 956855GtkFileChooserButton dialog stretched, when user has a really long name saved to bookmark gtk+3.0 UndecidedNew2016None
 1160379 'Dead circumflex' in Unity keyboard combinations gtk+3.0 UndecidedNew106None
 760344gvfsd-http not closing tcp connectionsgvfs HighTriaged10478None
 821018gvfsd-archive crashed with SIGABRT: (!job->finished)gvfs HighConfirmed729264None
 903422Ubuntu does not work with Samsung Galaxy phones ( Unable to open raw device 0)gvfs HighConfirmed42882186None
 984993gvfsd-gphoto2 crashed with SIGABRT in __libc_message()gvfs UndecidedFix Committed1315178None
 1072172Upgrade to IBus 1.4.2 on 11.10/12.04/12.10ibus WishlistTriaged2014None
 983835jackdbus sigsegv handling itself crashes [SRU]jackd2 HighIncomplete2014None
 935296java-atk-wrapper prevents java applications from startingjava-atk-wrapper HighConfirmed253150None
 873058Jockey fails to install binary ati driver (post release) versionjockey HighConfirmed165131006Alberto Milone
 876499Incorrect Nvidia driver installed by checking 3rd party boxjockey HighIncomplete9796Alberto Milone
 1071570[12.04] The URI ‘help:ubuntu-help/hardware-driver-proprietary’ does not point to a valid page.jockey LowTriaged106None
 881992jockey-text crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.75 was not provided by any .service filesjockey UndecidedConfirmed1334None
 1123107Jockey should install the linux-$flavour metapackagejockey UndecidedFix Committed1118Alberto Milone
 1035498language-selector updates /etc/environment when it shouldn't, and gives results that are inconsistent with an initial installlanguage-selector HighTriaged2014None
 937561H264 MOV files from Canon DSLR resolution reported as 1920x1088libav MediumIn Progress2010None
 980963Heap-based Buffer Overflow in libavcodeclibav MediumTriaged10262None
 1163999Libcroco uses wrong green colorlibcroco LowFix Committed1012None
 1044563memory leak in filechannel shutdownlibgrip MediumIn Progress106Francis Ginther
 961007libreoffice packaging fails to check for existence of a directory before removing itlibreoffice LowIncomplete106None
 628105[Upstream] Text not black in LibreOfficelibreoffice UndecidedFix Committed114104Björn Michaelsen
 923932[Classic session] LibreOffice icons are larger than other app's iconslibreoffice UndecidedNew3026None
 956863Top panel shadow is drawn above presentation when using LibreOffice Impress with Presenter Consolelibreoffice UndecidedNew14178None
 1103816package libxml2-dev 2.7.8.dfsg-5.1ubuntu4.3 failed to install/upgrade: './usr/bin/xml2-config' is different from the same file on the systemlibxml2 MediumConfirmed108None
 987502libxml2-dev: /usr/bin/xml2-config isn't identical across all archlibxml2 LowTriaged77106None
 1008265nautilus "Connect to Server" infobars label not readablelight-themes LowConfirmed2012Andrea Cimitan
 1052481Nautilus's split pane lacks an indicator for the active panelight-themes LowConfirmed3232None
 873495LightDM fails to start after nvidia-current or nvidia-current-updates are installed (upstart job issue)lightdm HighTriaged312186None
 874924WARNING: Failed to open CK session: Timeout was reached (ecryptfs subdir)lightdm HighConfirmed5350Canonical Desktop Team
 902698lightdm crashed with SIGSEGV in check_stopped()lightdm HighTriaged715152Robert Ancell
 972537lightdm doesn't allow expired passwordslightdm HighTriaged5046Robert Ancell
 862662No startup notification when launching applicationslightdm LowTriaged9262None
 887316/var/lib/lightdm files owned by invalid user after reinstall (directory should be clean when lightdm is removed)lightdm LowConfirmed2010None
 932598Full hard drive causes xorg and lightdm to fail to loadlightdm LowTriaged2012None
 976124lightdm multiseat: no login possiblelightdm LowConfirmed12064None
 990661lightdm zombie process created while press escape button on Login screenlightdm LowTriaged202118None
 876031lightdm could do with showing some diagnostics on text consolelightdm WishlistTriaged106None
 1027760utmp records do not have X display address in host fieldlightdm WishlistTriaged5036None
 851612Logging out from a FUS session does not reliably return to VT7lightdm UndecidedConfirmed194138None
 982889X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driverlightdm UndecidedNew3276748None
 1072096Update to mesa 8.0.5mesa HighTriaged2010Canonical
 437139metacity assert failure: metacity:ERROR:core/boxes.c:1161:meta_rectangle_edge_aligns: code should not be reachedmetacity MediumTriaged11198None
 921917xul-ext-calendar-timezones pulls in seamonkey because thunderbird 10.0 isn't in precisemozilla-devscripts LowTriaged106None
 882307[list-view] After copying text from a rename entry, file copy menus items are brokennautilus HighIncomplete247170Canonical Desktop Experience Team
 925503nautilus segfaults in gtk_ui_manager_new_merge_id()nautilus HighTriaged5123406None
 985848nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in icon_rename_ended_cb()nautilus HighTriaged2122None
 287476Links to gvfs mounts do not use a URInautilus LowTriaged1238None
 852911Yelp always displays Unity user guidenautilus LowConfirmed5026None
 859042Inplace file renaming lacks scrolling (compact and list views)nautilus LowTriaged106None
 885989white screen on second monitor when using two xsessionsnautilus LowIncomplete401226None
 1075523Extra pane is bouncing while browsing when tabbednautilus UndecidedNew106None
 1082922"Open with" bar breaks the extra pane withnautilus UndecidedNew106None
 959037NM-controlled dnsmasq prevents other DNS servers from startingnetwork-manager HighTriaged10056Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 1004775NetworkManager restarts dnsmasq and adds host route on every IPv6 route lookupnetwork-manager HighIn Progress243164Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 1003842dnsmasq sometimes fails to resolve private names in networks with non-equivalent nameserversnetwork-manager MediumTriaged183122Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 802782Please add NetworkManager option not to auto-enable new network devicesnetwork-manager WishlistConfirmed3026None
 1041221Network Manager gobbles CPU very frequently restarting dnsmasq in IPv6 networksnetwork-manager UndecidedNew108None
 1061924Need Antenna quirks for some platformsnetwork-manager UndecidedNew3022None
 1113821libvirt-bin deletes /etc/dnsmasq.d/libvirt-bin on upgradenetwork-manager UndecidedTriaged2016None
 1116317[ffe] allow option to create user connections by defaultnetwork-manager-applet HighTriaged1010Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 445872disable-disconnect-notification option ignorednetwork-manager-applet MediumFix Committed210110Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 985788Can’t connect to VPN from GNOME Shellnetwork-manager-pptp LowTriaged11054None
 973096Nvidia driver causes xorg crashnvidia-graphics-drivers CriticalConfirmed219221280None
 567963MASTER: -nvidia driver does not support XRANDR 1.2nvidia-graphics-drivers WishlistTriaged9596None
 873495LightDM fails to start after nvidia-current or nvidia-current-updates are installed (upstart job issue)nvidia-graphics-drivers UndecidedConfirmed312186None
 1075937Add support for Linux 3.7 to various DKMS binary driversnvidia-graphics-drivers UndecidedNew1014None
 999111SRU: update to onboard 0.97.1 bugfix release (debian source supplied)onboard UndecidedFix Committed1012None
 1038573Unreadable messages displayed during Lucid -> Precise upgradepango1.0 HighTriaged4134Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
 897322PDF saved forms are not compatible with Adobe Readerpoppler HighTriaged6032None
 967153graph not smooth in evincepoppler LowTriaged106None
 1083161evince cannot print some PDF files accuratelypoppler LowTriaged106None
 1039618Please re-enable PIE and BIND_NOWpostgresql-9.1 UndecidedTriaged106None
 843587Default sink/source is not always preserved on suspend/resumepulseaudio MediumTriaged2016None
 805940Patch to alsa-plugins causes regression in java applet (webex)pulseaudio UndecidedConfirmed10068None
 959838[regression] gnome-dvb-control crashes on startup with TypeError in __create_toolbar(): __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'icon_widget'pygobject UndecidedFix Committed281146None
 795765CDs won't resume playing after being pausedrhythmbox HighTriaged12486None
 811475Descender letters (g j p q y) get their tail cut off in current songrhythmbox LowConfirmed3820344None
 996150Rhythmbox writes wrong ID3 tags when multiple files are changedrhythmbox LowTriaged8036None
 1025598shotwell doesn't get the new pictures since a few daysshotwell HighConfirmed2012None
 971080First run propose to import only one photo from the media insertedshotwell LowTriaged106None
 939461commercial PPA's are not working after release-upgradesoftware-center HighIn Progress10160None
 1031814Replace "Not found" screen with a spinner until the apps list has been updatedsoftware-center HighIn Progress106None
 744914transliterate text/use collation before adding to xapian db and when searchingsoftware-center MediumTriaged106None
 926763Cannot install local packages (.deb files) without network connection (offline)software-center MediumConfirmed4248None
 988854Slow when selecting plugin/addons from e.g. geanysoftware-center MediumIn Progress2010None
 942109Visual tweak: "Recommended For You" opt-in panel header is missing its bottom bordersoftware-center LowIn Progress106None
 1111522Recommended driver for HP-Color-LaserJet-CM3530-MFP creates unsupported PDF versionssystem-config-printer HighNew1010None
 855379(oneiric) false error messages when printingsystem-config-printer MediumConfirmed6030None
 872991printer Hp 1320 needs Generic PCL 5e driver to work properlysystem-config-printer MediumConfirmed3026None
 893031Empathy is not working behind the proxy servers SINCE Ubuntu 11.10telepathy-gabble HighConfirmed173114None
 1020317telepathy-gabble crashed with SIGSEGV in tp_base_channel_close()telepathy-gabble HighFix Committed14930872None
 976463mission-control-5 crashed with SIGABRT in __libc_message()telepathy-glib HighConfirmed2529344Ken VanDine
 939126AppArmor profile does not allow creating of ~/.cache/dconftelepathy-mission-control-5 HighTriaged106None
 878048telepathy-sunshine (gg protocol): message window doesn't appeartelepathy-mission-control-5 MediumTriaged4128None
 992619Empathy does not login - Error contacting the Account Managertelepathy-mission-control-5 LowTriaged541254None
 867424Oneric: On boot up Firefox always displays the “Well, This Is Embarrassing” screen.thunderbird HighTriaged133106None
 925430Thunderbird (Romanian) continuously opens the Help windowthunderbird HighTriaged106None
 940269Need monochrome icon for QFBthunderbird LowTriaged4018Chris Coulson
 968063Messaging menu blacklist feature doesn't workthunderbird LowTriaged106None
 1019063totem plugin crashes when playing embedded ogvtotem MediumTriaged1114None
 1039604Please re-enable PIE and BIND_NOWtotem MediumTriaged106None
 1051552Hebrew subtitles are encoded ISO-8859-8totem UndecidedNew1012None
 1024562Stable update to Firefox 14.0.1ubufox UndecidedNew106None
 748861icon for weather-clear (day only) is missingubuntu-mono LowFix Committed529320None
 1001229wrong icon for the power indicator after last 12.04 updateubuntu-mono LowConfirmed182114None
 860970Dash called with super key above fullscreen app is not interactiveunity HighTriaged2715242None
 873167Cannot drag emails between Thunderbird windows[regression]unity HighTriaged264166Andrea Azzarone
 887821"Show copy dialog" right click launcher entry doesn't work (on nautilus copy)unity HighConfirmed495270None
 925421sometimes icons get dropped from the launcher when they should notunity HighIn Progress178160None
 926658compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::dash::ResultRendererTile::LoadIcon() from unity::dash::ResultRendererTile::Preload() from unity::dash::ResultViewGrid::DoLazyLoad()unity HighFix Committed2210186Marco Trevisan (Treviño)
 977984Quicklists and tooltips sometimes lose their blurunity HighConfirmed7576Andrea Azzarone
 991637unity launcher vanishes when switching to mirrored displaysunity HighConfirmed172106None
 886667boot moves desktop iconsunity MediumTriaged19094None
 926418Keyboard shortcut - don't show disabled shortcuts in keyboard shortcut helpunity MediumTriaged2014Andrea Azzarone
 994161Unity Super+[1-9] shortcuts to switch apps don't work consistently when pressed quickly. Response time allowance is very delayed.unity MediumTriaged5134None
 998167Lens result Icons are distorted in horizontal layoutunity MediumTriaged106None
 1003950launcher does not show minimized update manager while clickedunity MediumConfirmed315186None
 1125442Always Visible and On Top Windows Steal Focus on Workspace Switchunity MediumConfirmed3022None
 985594HUD: icon wrongly refreshed on menu updatesunity LowTriaged4126None
 990042icons are not resized in dashunity LowConfirmed16398None
 1028831Disabled Top-level Menus will openunity LowTriaged106None
 871764Ubuntu right-to-left consistencyunity UndecidedIncomplete12058None
 949445HUD is silent to screen readersunity UndecidedNew3128None
 950160Unity blocks other programs from binding globally to Super+* (* = any key)unity UndecidedTriaged4613374None
 956515compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in CompPlugin::VTableForScreenAndWindow::finiWindow()unity UndecidedConfirmed5242None
 956863Top panel shadow is drawn above presentation when using LibreOffice Impress with Presenter Consoleunity UndecidedNew14178None
 1083186icaclient windows "dancing" when decoratedunity UndecidedNew4030None
 993694unity-2d does not start if user has logged in on unityunity-2d HighIncomplete4034None
 1096954 Enabling Xinerama causes Unity Panel/Dash to become all blackunity-2d MediumConfirmed3020None
 1060262Unity-2D SRU-1 needs releasingunity-2d WishlistFix Committed1012None
 605475Launcher does not respond to changes in icon themeunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed9156None
 703389[panel] Invisible items in systrayunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed8156None
 731761clicking on top panel should raise maximized windowsunity-2d UndecidedConfirmed1118None
 736491Panel Titlebar double click is emitted for any mouse buttonunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed1122None
 850017[panel] Ignores "enabled" property on top-level menusunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed1010None
 886338[dash] Unable to review the contents of the text entry field with Orca.unity-2d UndecidedNew1116None
 918648[dash] Unable to maximizeunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed1010None
 930147all panels have same window focus on multiple monitors unity2dunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed4026None
 973225[hud] icon isn't reset when clearing the search queryunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed1010None
 977262Unity 2D doesn't load 24 bit iconsunity-2d UndecidedTriaged2122None
 984092Sticky edges don't work in RTLunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed004None
 988739[Launcher] [Multi-monitor] Removing a non running app tile from a launcher should remove it from allunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed004None
 997786Issue when ejecting busy device from the Unity 2D Shellunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed1010None
 1002308Launcher does not hide if shown while dragging a fileunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed004None
 1002710Dash will not open files with accentuated, Greek or Russian characters in their name or pathunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed6358None
 1003943pips are not correctly updated when plugin in a second monitorunity-2d UndecidedFix Committed004None
 1152925Icons for closing/maximizing/minimizing windows are gone/invisible using HighContrast themeunity-2d UndecidedNew108None
 915468the unity-greeter keyboard's selection doesn't respect the user configunity-greeter HighTriaged136120Michael Terry
 972537lightdm doesn't allow expired passwordsunity-greeter HighTriaged5046None
 928553Non-default wallpapers are not readable by Unity-Greeterunity-greeter LowTriaged4812330None
 945749Mouse pointer jerky on login screenunity-greeter UndecidedConfirmed354198None
 851424most genres do nothingunity-lens-music LowIncomplete8044None
 1091702upower fails to recognize hid devices with new kernelsupower LowIn Progress1010None
 992639Regression: 12.04 update breaks support for Internet Sticks (3G modems): Nokia CS-15, Nokia cs-17 and perhaps many othersusb-modeswitch MediumTriaged265188None
 960649vino-server SIGABRT, "buffer overflow detected" in clipboard handling codevino HighTriaged1219210None
 1027086incorrect schema setting used for authentication-methods in vino servervino MediumIn Progress2018Ritesh Khadgaray
 844003xchat-gnome crashed with SIGSEGV in gtk_clipboard_set_contents()xchat-gnome MediumTriaged1817200None
 769419xdiagnose needs root privilege to create /etc/default/grub.bakxdiagnose MediumFix Committed4240None
 1026752missing dependency with xdiagnosexdiagnose UndecidedNew106None
 1036114(usability) Don't prompt with support questions for auto-collected crash bugsxdiagnose UndecidedNew2120None
 221112Can't use space bar in search bar when using french alternative keyboardxkeyboard-config HighTriaged2713274None
 937822[precise] F10 always opens the menu, cannot be overriden (after xkeyboard-config update)xkeyboard-config HighFix Committed517312None
 1053789Xorg crashes in drm_intel_bo_is_reusable() from intel_set_pixmap_bo()xorg-server HighTriaged106Timo Aaltonen
 806546Modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Super) stick/cling at the mere/simple push of a button.xorg-server MediumTriaged11270Canonical
 881046Panning in a virtual monitor is not possible after upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10xorg-server LowTriaged142100Chris Halse Rogers
 851612Logging out from a FUS session does not reliably return to VT7xorg-server UndecidedConfirmed194138None
 1008864software center crashes when clicking pay appsxorg-server UndecidedConfirmed1012None
 982771Scrolling stops working in GTK3 scrolled windows after some timexserver-xorg-input-synaptics HighTriaged315192None
 1026046Missing support for thumb resting on bottom of clickpadxserver-xorg-input-synaptics MediumConfirmed8036None
 1085751[drm:radeon_cs_ioctl] *ERROR* Failed to parse relocation -35!xserver-xorg-video-ati UndecidedConfirmed13180None
 1055429Xorg keeps crashing in memcpy <- intel_uxa_pixmap_put_image <- intel_uxa_put_image <- uxa_copy_n_to_n <- miCopyRegionxserver-xorg-video-intel HighConfirmed106None
 912134[arrandale] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0x01840000xserver-xorg-video-intel UndecidedNew2016None
 962892[hybrid snb-m-gt2 + GF106] libdrm assert hit in drm_intel_bufmgr_gem_init() because wrong kernel module was loadedxserver-xorg-video-intel UndecidedNew631274None
 1055400[nouveau] Major graphics corruption and flickering after exiting unredirected fullscreen modexserver-xorg-video-nouveau UndecidedConfirmed5026None
 1058891Help using Xfce (yelp) in Xubuntu 12.04 shows the help page with Welcome to Xubuntu 11.10.yelp MediumConfirmed2010None
 1039292Yelp 3.4 doesn't correctly handle conditional platform processingyelp UndecidedNew106None
Updated on: 2013-04-29 23:09:51.621780